Video Teleconferencing

Our secure and non-secure video teleconferencing (VTC) service includes:

• Control System (AMX/Crestron) programming
• Live-Motion
• VTC IP/ISDN infrastructure design, configuration and installation
• Computer Graphics
• Video Recording
• Document Imaging
• Video and Data Collaboration
• On-Site Session Facilitation

Secure videoconferencing utilizes commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) video equipment in conjunction with National Security Agency (NSA)-endorsed KIV-7 communications and security (COMSEC) cryptographic ignition key (CIK) material.



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We offer a variety of solutions for your telecommunication needs leveraging comprehensive planning and design to support infrastructure solutions with seamless, managed network integration. Our capabilities include:

• Comprehensive Analysis
• Engineering and Documentation
• System Design
• Implementation
• Call Center/Switchboard Operations
• Voicemail
• Help Desk Operations




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Information Technology


Our skilled webmasters, developers, and content management specialists successfully support websites, both in the public and private sectors. Our capabilities include:

• Software Support
• MS Certified Technicians
• ITIL® based IT Help Desk Support
• Database Management
• Network Design and Administration
• Tier 2 Desktop Support
• Call Center Operations & Planning
• Call Center Staffing
• Adaptive QA Planning and Management
• Materials and Hardware Procurement Assistance
• Identification, Inventory, and Acquisition Support
• Database Management Support and Reporting
• Documentation Production and Support
• CAD, Diagramming, and Technical Publications
• Project and Task Order Administration and Management
• Web Content Management
• Web Design
• Cyber Security
• Web Coding
• Website Maintenance


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We provide on-site audio, visual and photography services. Our experienced staff employs a variety of audiovisual equipment and studio operations using state-of-the-art equipment in both PC and Mac formats. Typical services include:

• Audio and video taping
• Duplication
• Media-Transfer
• Document Scanning
• Archiving
• Editing
• Digital Photographic Services
• Graphics
• Imaging


Video Produced

Client: U.S. Department of State, Produced by: Kelsey Brannan, Multimedia Producer, 3Links Federal Contractor

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Holograph Services


Through our partners, HYBRIDS-USA, Cisco, and Polycom, we now offer our customers the exciting experience of Holographic Telepresence.

Our holograph capabilities include: Live, 2-Way Holographic Transmission; Multi-Site, Simultaneous Broadcasts; and Pre-Recorded Virtual Environments.

Some applications of Holographic Performance are:

• Video/Holographic Resurrection of Icons/Memorials
• Façade Lighting
• Water Holographic Projection for Specialized Venues
• Desktop Interactive Simulation
• 3D/4D Film Production/Content Creation
• Olfactory Systems/Aroma Technology for Selected Venues
• Haptic Technology



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Administrative/Facility Support

Admin Support

3LINKS provides an array of support services for large-complex facilities. Full support facilities management capabilities include:

• Space Planning
• Construction Cleaning
• Architecture/Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Support
• Relocation Logistics
• Inventory Tracking
• Warehouse Services
• Fleet Management
• Conference Planning
• Garage Management
• Clerical Support
• Help Desk Support
• Mail Management



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